Extracts from the Scalentine Chronicler

Alchemical Blaze

Residents on Brittle Bridge Way were woken in the early hours of last Jalday by explosions and brightly-coloured fireballs. T’fringith Dren, of No. 38, described the scene. “Like a festival, pink, blue, bang bang!  And the alchemist running about, waving his hands. In his underthings, purple, very fancy. Excellent entertainment.”

When asked if zhe was worried, citizen Dren replied, “Back home, I survive the Frentali wars. Worried, no. I have a drink, a smoke, I make a little party.”

No-one was injured in the fire though a number of homunculi escaped.  The alchemist, Gristal Dorchly, has offered a reward of one silver for any that are returned to him, though he warns that heavy gloves should be used when handling them. “The little ***** bite,” he informed our reporter.

Mysterious Death of Business Owner

Ofrin Moonthale, 47 Years Scalentine, a well-known local trader, was found dead at hir home on Gatesday. According to one source, zhe had at least 67 injuries, all of them apparently caused by different weapons, and at least one of which appeared to have been done with a small animal. “Not by,” our source said, “with. And every single one of them in the back. Or at least, from behind.”

Ofrin Moonthale was known to have provided Scalentine’s citizens with a number of interesting and exotic items over the years, and to have occasionally strained relations with other traders and with Scalentine’s Militia. A spokesman for the Militia said; “We are investigating. Yes, you could say we have a number of suspects. It’s quite a large number. And you can tell your source from me, that as soon as I find out who they are they’re fired.”

Fracas at Bloodshade Temple

Fighting broke out among shoppers at the Temple’s first annual rummage sale.  The source of the disturbance is believed to have been a mauve cardigan.  “It’s very distressing,” said a Temple spokesman. “We’re trying to improve the image of the church of Govash the Eternally Vengeful, really work with the community, and now this. I’m not saying there will be rains of vengeful fire, but he’s definitely peeved.”

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