Look what I found…

Found this letter on the mat this morning. Now I don’t know who got the idea I’m the person to ask about matters of the heart – (yes, normally I deal with areas a little lower down, thank you, Jivrais, go read over someone else’s shoulder, why don’t you) – but I thought I’d try my best to help the poor lass out.

There were a couple of other notes as well, which didn’t seem to need long answers – I’ve stuck those below.

Dear Babylon

I have heard you are a good person to ask about Personal Matters so I am writing this to you in hope you can help me.

My boyfriend has been working late several nights a month and my friend Penn said he was up to something so we followed him.

He went to the Barracks to book himself a locked room, because it was coming up to full moon and he did not have a place that was safe. He is a Were.  (I do not know what he turns into I have been too Embarrassed to ask).

I do not mind that he is a Were, but you should tell a person that sort of thing it was a Shock. He said he was waiting for the right moment but we have been seeing each other six moons which I think is plenty of time for Moments.  We argued – well mostly I argued at him and he looked sad –  and now I do not know what to do.

The thing is I like him a lot and he is very nice and sweet and has a steady job, but Penn says it shows he is Deceptive and I should break it off.

Can you help?


Dear Upset

Oh, dear. Well, there are plenty of weres in Scalentine and some of us happen to be involved with ‘em.  I am myself.  Good men are worth holding onto even if they aren’t men all the time.

Perhaps he should have told you earlier, but he might have been afraid of losing you – not everyone can cope with the thought that their lover is a mindless beast for several days a month. (Some of us girls might feel extremely short-tempered several days a month – but it really isn’t the same thing).

It’s not easy for him either, what with the inconvenience, loss of identity and getting nasty pointy stuff aimed at you by the Militia if you haven’t had the sense to get yourself locked up in time.

I think it comes down to whether you care enough about him to give him another chance.  I would suggest you sit down (once he’s back to himself) and have a good long talk with him. And if, by any chance, there’s anything that you’ve been hiding from him, this might be a good time to let him know.  (Telling prospective honeys what I do for a living hasn’t always gone well, but it really is better to get it out of the way than have them find out later and get all in a froth about it).

Now, your friend Penn. She was concerned for you, which is good, but a bit eager to suggest you break up.  Maybe she’s a little jealous at having to share you?  Good friends are worth hanging onto as well, so I think you need to make sure you don’t neglect her if you get back together with your young man.

(On the other hand if she’s just prejudiced against weres…well. Tell you what, send her to me and I’ll explain a few things about All Living Together in Harmony. I promise not to break her. Much).

Good luck. I hope you get this all sorted out.


And replies to the notes…

Dear Caught – no one will know it was you unless he was watching long enough to make an engraving, love. A detailed one. Don’t worry about it.

Dear That Stung – I’m not surprised. I think you need some advice from Cruel and Unusual. Drop in for a chat, any time after midday tomorrow – no charge unless you’re there longer than twenty minutes. After that, usual rates.

Dear Itchy – no, dear, it shouldn’t. Go to a healer.

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