Extracts from the Scalentine Chronicler Employment Columns

Cheese Wrangler wanted.
Experience in handling Litjar Blue and the more potent Endaki cheeses a necessity, apply Tupp’s Warehouse, Little Cattle Street.

Dancers needed, Calentaria’s Burlesque Barre and Grille. 
Flexibility, dexterity, skin/costumes must be resistant to spitting fat and occasional mustard.

Join the Militia!
Are you healthy, fit, morally upstanding, and committed to creating a safe and peaceful city for all its inhabitants?  If you can stand the inevitable disillusionment, we need you in the City Militia.  Apply Central Barracks.

Cook/miracle-worker required
Can you make palatable food for a crew of 27, in a storm, out of weevilly flour, two squishy onions and an elderly but very uncooperative chicken?  While attempting, with nothing but a dented kettle, to fight off a big green thing with suckers?  Neither could I.  But if you think you could, and fancy being cold, wet, shouted at and unappreciated, apply to the captain of the Leaping Dragon, as they now have a vacancy. 3rd Bay, Portal Bealach Docks.

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