Extracts from the Scalentine Chronicler

No Safe Place

Recent reports suggest that the locked rooms provided for weres at the central Militia Barracks during full moon are overwhelmed.  “It’s becoming a real problem,” said one source.

Our reporter interviewed several people living near the barracks.  “The noise is awful,” said one citizen.  “Come full moon you can hardly hear yourself – oh, not the weres, the street musicians.  They should be banned.“

“It’s bad enough we’ve so many weres anyway,” said another citizen.  “Send ‘em back where they came from, they can tear out each other’s throats.  Why should we have to put up with it?  This friend of mine saw it happen, right in front of him, and the Militia didn’t do a thing.  No, I don’t know where. Well, of course he reported it.  Probably. Well, not a friend as such.  This bloke.  In the pub.  Well, he didn’t see it himself, it was this bloke he knew.  But still it just goes to show.”

Chief Bitternut, himself a were, was asked if he was worried about possible panic in the run-up to full moon.  “I wouldn’t be if people didn’t print bloody silly stories designed to create panic,” he said.

A source at the Diplomatic Section stated that the problem was being looked into.  “If it appears that there is a genuine shortage of space,” said the source, who declined to be named, “other accommodation will be found as necessary.  In order to save public money, we will investigate the possible use of empty rooms in the buildings of local businesses.  Such as newspapers.  I am sure they will wish to contribute to public safety.”

Random magic prank attack on Scalentine citizens leaves several with tails.

“I’m keeping mine,” says local dancer.  “It’s done wonders for my balance and besides, it’s cute.”

Local businessman ‘not a crook’ claims local businessman.


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