Scalentine Chronicler Lonely Hearts Column

Female seeking Male
COMES WITH EXTRAS: Human, 40 years Scalentine. Curvy, fun-loving, honest. Which is why I’m telling you about the occasional possession now. Demon is harmless but annoying adolescent male. Seeking helpful (nice) wizard or experienced father of teenagers.

Male seeking Female
LAID BACK: Nederan, 30 years Scalentine. Winner of the inter-tribal Boasting championships three years running. Seeks understanding female with no desire to be impressed. By anything.

Female seeking Female
DISCIPLINE: Dra’ay, 38 years Scalentine. 4th degree Neatness, 2nd degree Efficiency, other attributes on request. Runs own business, large household, local temple. Seeks effective fem, 3rd degree Efficiency or above, into strict timetabling.

Male seeking Male
YUM YUM: Fey, appears approx. 28 years Scalentine (yes I know but they insist). Dark, brooding, of course handsome, I’m a Fey. Seeks poetic dalliance, anguished misunderstandings and tragic denoument.

Hermaphroditic seeking Hermaphroditic
YO HO HO: Exiled T’farin, 48 years Scalentine, fun, adventurous, seeks partner for travel on the high seas. Flexible attitude to business, ability to talk convincingly to local law enforcement and good knowledge of high speed navigation required.


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