Notes from Bitternut’s Casebook – Grave Matters

A normal evening.  A few magical explosions, the occasional shriek – nothing to disturb an officer who was off duty, thank you very much, and on his way to a beer and some affectionate company.  Except there was a light … Continue reading

Extracts from the Scalentine Chronicler

Mysterious ‘Burglaries’ Leave Militia Baffled A number of dwellings have recently been broken into in the area of Crowns portal.  Each break-in has involved various items being moved around and a small amount of money, approximately enough to pay for … Continue reading

Notes from Bitternut’s Casebook

On Change leave the last few days (full moon). Returned to duty to find marginally less chaos than usual and only 4 murders, one already solved (as in ‘caught red-clawed standing over the body’), pretty quiet for a full moon. … Continue reading