Extracts from the Scalentine Chronicler

Alchemical Blaze Residents on Brittle Bridge Way were woken in the early hours of last Jalday by explosions and brightly-coloured fireballs. T’fringith Dren, of No. 38, described the scene. “Like a festival, pink, blue, bang bang!  And the alchemist running … Continue reading


“Yes, what is it?” The door opened about two inches. Smewor felt eyes on him from the darkness, fixed his face into a smile. “Sorry to disturb you, love. There’s been a bit of trouble hereabouts. Burglaries.” “Burglaries!” The voice … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Parental Disapproval

Dear Babylon A few weeks ago I went to the bakery to get an order for my Dad’s restaurant as the boy who normally does it was off. The people who run it are Barraklé you know what they are … Continue reading