Dear Babylon – Skin Deep

Dear Babylon Honourful greetings lady of most rectitude and erotic expertise. I am a Jaiyiak recently arrived to your exotic city of Scalentine on a mission to make dealings with your traders.  After a day of hard negotiations we have … Continue reading

Notes from Bitternut’s Casebook

The usual parade of rogues and idiots this week. There’s a lot of beguile about, despite our best efforts. Pity the portals don’t seem to recognise it as something we really don’t want around here. But I suppose they let … Continue reading

Minutes of the Meeting of the Wayforth Independent Magical Practitioners Society

Held at Carterton’s Wizardly Emporium on Stoneday 8th of Inster Present: J Carterton, (Chairman), Enic the Puce, Larsh Devidian, Marvo the Marvellous, H’Athak d’tren Lishi, Miss S Praither, and N Drayak. Apologies: Dorgo the Recently Deceased. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS … Continue reading