Dear Babylon – Pandora’s Sock Drawer

Dear Madam Steel I have been married for 25 years Scalentine to a nice man who has always been a good provider and we have a decent, quiet life. I was sorting his sock-drawer the other day and found something … Continue reading

Notes from Bitternut’s Casebook

Things I learned from the good citizens of Scalentine today: If you’ve smoked so much cloud you can barely talk it’s a really good idea to then go to the city’s borders and stare at them for a while. You … Continue reading

Scalentine Chronicler Lonely Hearts Column

Female seeking Male COMES WITH EXTRAS: Human, 40 years Scalentine. Curvy, fun-loving, honest. Which is why I’m telling you about the occasional possession now. Demon is harmless but annoying adolescent male. Seeking helpful (nice) wizard or experienced father of teenagers. … Continue reading

The City of Alak

“So you’re really going to Penar?”  said  Sevish.  He was a charming disgraced son of the local nobility, always busy with some scheme or other to get back in favour. We’d met as I passed through the city of Alak.  … Continue reading