Dear Babylon – Experience Wanted

Dear Babylon I am seventeen years old Scalentine and have got my first proper job as a caravan guard on the silk road, crossing into the Lithan Empire at the Utanichik border.  I will be away for at least three … Continue reading

Extracts from the Scalentine Chronicler

Waving the Flag A man was arrested by the City Militia as he made indecent suggestions to a number of passers-by while waving a part of his anatomy at them. He later claimed to have been taking part in a … Continue reading

Bitternut’s Casebook – Portal Sickness

The Wizard Mokraine turning up at the front desk is something I can do without, especially before lunch. Not that he’s a bad person, exactly. But he’s a far-from-entirely-sane First Adept Doctor of the Arcane with a habit of draining … Continue reading