Dear Babylon – Safe or Sorry?

Dear Madame Steel I do not usually write this sort of letter.  Normally I write to the Scalentine Chronicle (you may have seen some of my letters, they are signed ‘A Concerned Citizen’).  However I did not think this fell … Continue reading

Extract from the small ads, Scalentine Chronicler

Berday, 5th Alster. Free to good homes: puppies.  8 weeks old, friendly. Mother – Thrin Mountain Dog.  Father – unknown.  5 Lower Battle Street Berday, 12th Alster. Free to good homes: puppies.  9 weeks old, friendly, boisterous.  Lively home recommended. … Continue reading

Notes from Bitternut’s Casebook – Body of Evidence

After weeks of rain, everyone’s grumpy and dull. I’m almost hoping for something to shake my officers up a bit. But it’s never good when someone turns up at the front desk looking seasick. Especially if they’re with Officer Ranil, … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Coming Clean

Dear Babylon My boyfriend took me to meet his mother last week.  She’s dead. That is, she’s a ghost. I wouldn’t mind but she floated around while he was kissing me and she was making gestures. Encouraging ones. It put … Continue reading