“Yes, what is it?” The door opened about two inches. Smewor felt eyes on him from the darkness, fixed his face into a smile. “Sorry to disturb you, love. There’s been a bit of trouble hereabouts. Burglaries.” “Burglaries!” The voice … Continue reading


JOBS Guards/Drivers sought for trade caravan.  High rates. Must be skilled fighters, any additional abilities an advantage, extra weapons/armour/magical protections provided, no dependents preferred. Teachers required, all subjects.  Madame Hithrode’s Educational College, King of Stone.  High rates. Must be skilled … Continue reading

Scalentine Chronicler Lonely Hearts Column

Male seeking Female Abracadabra: Alphor the Magnificent, (human, 50 Years Scalentine, slightly used) Conjuror of Lively Spirits and Entertaining Visions for the Discerning, weary of non-corporeal company, seeks nice solid lady.  Own wand provided. Female seeking Male I’d Hide: Ikinchli … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Skin Deep

Dear Babylon Honourful greetings lady of most rectitude and erotic expertise. I am a Jaiyiak recently arrived to your exotic city of Scalentine on a mission to make dealings with your traders.  After a day of hard negotiations we have … Continue reading

Minutes of the Meeting of the Wayforth Independent Magical Practitioners Society

Held at Carterton’s Wizardly Emporium on Stoneday 8th of Inster Present: J Carterton, (Chairman), Enic the Puce, Larsh Devidian, Marvo the Marvellous, H’Athak d’tren Lishi, Miss S Praither, and N Drayak. Apologies: Dorgo the Recently Deceased. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS … Continue reading

Extracts from the Scalentine Chronicler Employment Columns

Cheese Wrangler wanted. Experience in handling Litjar Blue and the more potent Endaki cheeses a necessity, apply Tupp’s Warehouse, Little Cattle Street. Dancers needed, Calentaria’s Burlesque Barre and Grille.  Flexibility, dexterity, skin/costumes must be resistant to spitting fat and occasional … Continue reading

Notes from Bitternut’s Casebook

Things I learned from the good citizens of Scalentine today: If you’ve smoked so much cloud you can barely talk it’s a really good idea to then go to the city’s borders and stare at them for a while. You … Continue reading

Extract from the small ads, Scalentine Chronicler

Stoneday, 1st of Glister Wizard seeks assistant. Training provided.  1 silver/week and meals. Inshday, 4th of Glister Wizard seeks assistant. Requires sensible person with steady hands.  Training provided.  1 silver/week and meals. Berday, 12th of Glister Wizard seeks assistant.  Requires … Continue reading