Dear Babylon – Parental Disapproval

Dear Babylon A few weeks ago I went to the bakery to get an order for my Dad’s restaurant as the boy who normally does it was off. The people who run it are Barraklé you know what they are … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Skin Deep

Dear Babylon Honourful greetings lady of most rectitude and erotic expertise. I am a Jaiyiak recently arrived to your exotic city of Scalentine on a mission to make dealings with your traders.  After a day of hard negotiations we have … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Pandora’s Sock Drawer

Dear Madam Steel I have been married for 25 years Scalentine to a nice man who has always been a good provider and we have a decent, quiet life. I was sorting his sock-drawer the other day and found something … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Experience Wanted

Dear Babylon I am seventeen years old Scalentine and have got my first proper job as a caravan guard on the silk road, crossing into the Lithan Empire at the Utanichik border.  I will be away for at least three … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Merry Widow?

Dear Madam Steel We are a BrinD’akash husband-pairing, and our honour-mother is a female of late middle years.  Two years ago (Scalentine calendar), both of our fathers passed to the next very close together.  Now we think she is at … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Safe or Sorry?

Dear Madame Steel I do not usually write this sort of letter.  Normally I write to the Scalentine Chronicle (you may have seen some of my letters, they are signed ‘A Concerned Citizen’).  However I did not think this fell … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Coming Clean

Dear Babylon My boyfriend took me to meet his mother last week.  She’s dead. That is, she’s a ghost. I wouldn’t mind but she floated around while he was kissing me and she was making gestures. Encouraging ones. It put … Continue reading

Look what I found…

Found this letter on the mat this morning. Now I don’t know who got the idea I’m the person to ask about matters of the heart – (yes, normally I deal with areas a little lower down, thank you, Jivrais, … Continue reading