Extracts from the Scalentine Chronicler

No Safe Place Recent reports suggest that the locked rooms provided for weres at the central Militia Barracks during full moon are overwhelmed.  “It’s becoming a real problem,” said one source. Our reporter interviewed several people living near the barracks.  … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Pandora’s Sock Drawer

Dear Madam Steel I have been married for 25 years Scalentine to a nice man who has always been a good provider and we have a decent, quiet life. I was sorting his sock-drawer the other day and found something … Continue reading

Notes from Bitternut’s Casebook

Things I learned from the good citizens of Scalentine today: If you’ve smoked so much cloud you can barely talk it’s a really good idea to then go to the city’s borders and stare at them for a while. You … Continue reading

Scalentine Chronicler Lonely Hearts Column

Female seeking Male COMES WITH EXTRAS: Human, 40 years Scalentine. Curvy, fun-loving, honest. Which is why I’m telling you about the occasional possession now. Demon is harmless but annoying adolescent male. Seeking helpful (nice) wizard or experienced father of teenagers. … Continue reading

The City of Alak

“So you’re really going to Penar?”  said  Sevish.  He was a charming disgraced son of the local nobility, always busy with some scheme or other to get back in favour. We’d met as I passed through the city of Alak.  … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Experience Wanted

Dear Babylon I am seventeen years old Scalentine and have got my first proper job as a caravan guard on the silk road, crossing into the Lithan Empire at the Utanichik border.  I will be away for at least three … Continue reading

Extracts from the Scalentine Chronicler

Waving the Flag A man was arrested by the City Militia as he made indecent suggestions to a number of passers-by while waving a part of his anatomy at them. He later claimed to have been taking part in a … Continue reading

Bitternut’s Casebook – Portal Sickness

The Wizard Mokraine turning up at the front desk is something I can do without, especially before lunch. Not that he’s a bad person, exactly. But he’s a far-from-entirely-sane First Adept Doctor of the Arcane with a habit of draining … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Merry Widow?

Dear Madam Steel We are a BrinD’akash husband-pairing, and our honour-mother is a female of late middle years.  Two years ago (Scalentine calendar), both of our fathers passed to the next very close together.  Now we think she is at … Continue reading

Extracts from The Scalentine Chronicler Lonely Hearts Page

Males seeking Females BE MY QUEEN? Exiled heir to the glorious throne of Donefrascu seeks companionship while awaiting inevitable downfall of villainous usurper. STR relationship only (unless you are a member of one of the Three Exalted Families, in which … Continue reading