JOBS Guards/Drivers sought for trade caravan.  High rates. Must be skilled fighters, any additional abilities an advantage, extra weapons/armour/magical protections provided, no dependents preferred. Teachers required, all subjects.  Madame Hithrode’s Educational College, King of Stone.  High rates. Must be skilled … Continue reading

This Week in the Scalentine Chronicler

Charity Venture Sparks Religious Riot Scenes of violence and destruction of property overtook Lower Water Way yesterday when Theriniet D’chain (28 Years Scalentine) and her two friends Lisial E’Kith (32) and Dropfi N’Rakl (25), attempted to raise money for their … Continue reading

Notes from Bitternut’s Casebook

Some of the more notable incidents this week; Lolfringe T’citchen, Chef, the Roundhouse Tower. I have yet to discover which law covers this. Basically, he put portions of his own anatomy in a stew. Apparently it’s customary where he comes … Continue reading

Extracts from the Scalentine Chronicler Classified Ads

Botherington’s Introduction Agency. Hate having to introduce people?  Bad with names? Instantly forget everything about someone the minute you have to introduce them to someone else?  Botherington’s provides small, discreet, specially trained imps who will perch in your ear and whisper … Continue reading

Scalentine Chronicler Lonely Hearts Column

Male seeking Female Abracadabra: Alphor the Magnificent, (human, 50 Years Scalentine, slightly used) Conjuror of Lively Spirits and Entertaining Visions for the Discerning, weary of non-corporeal company, seeks nice solid lady.  Own wand provided. Female seeking Male I’d Hide: Ikinchli … Continue reading

Dear Babylon – Skin Deep

Dear Babylon Honourful greetings lady of most rectitude and erotic expertise. I am a Jaiyiak recently arrived to your exotic city of Scalentine on a mission to make dealings with your traders.  After a day of hard negotiations we have … Continue reading

Notes from Bitternut’s Casebook

The usual parade of rogues and idiots this week. There’s a lot of beguile about, despite our best efforts. Pity the portals don’t seem to recognise it as something we really don’t want around here. But I suppose they let … Continue reading

Minutes of the Meeting of the Wayforth Independent Magical Practitioners Society

Held at Carterton’s Wizardly Emporium on Stoneday 8th of Inster Present: J Carterton, (Chairman), Enic the Puce, Larsh Devidian, Marvo the Marvellous, H’Athak d’tren Lishi, Miss S Praither, and N Drayak. Apologies: Dorgo the Recently Deceased. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS … Continue reading

From the Scalentine Chronicler Personal Columns…

Female Seeking Male In the money: Human, 58 years Scalentine, well-preserved and jolly.  Seeks entertaining, independent person/persons to help me spend family fortune as recklessly as possible, before scrounging, whinging, ungrateful offspring can inherit it.  Gave up wiping their bums … Continue reading

Extracts from the Scalentine Chronicler Employment Columns

Cheese Wrangler wanted. Experience in handling Litjar Blue and the more potent Endaki cheeses a necessity, apply Tupp’s Warehouse, Little Cattle Street. Dancers needed, Calentaria’s Burlesque Barre and Grille.  Flexibility, dexterity, skin/costumes must be resistant to spitting fat and occasional … Continue reading