Extract from the small ads, Scalentine Chronicler

Stoneday, 1st of Glister Wizard seeks assistant. Training provided.  1 silver/week and meals. Inshday, 4th of Glister Wizard seeks assistant. Requires sensible person with steady hands.  Training provided.  1 silver/week and meals. Berday, 12th of Glister Wizard seeks assistant.  Requires … Continue reading

Notes from Bitternut’s Casebook – Something Fishy

Hargur’s Casebook, Rivday, 16th of Prend Mid-morning at the Barracks and Prethin Claivitch turns up with his son Brolin, who is looking very sulky. The Claivitch family are old gentry; but Prethin decided to turn fisherman. “I found a ring … Continue reading

Look what I found…

Found this letter on the mat this morning. Now I don’t know who got the idea I’m the person to ask about matters of the heart – (yes, normally I deal with areas a little lower down, thank you, Jivrais, … Continue reading

Welcome to Scalentine

My name’s Babylon Steel.  I’m going to be putting some stuff here about my activities with occasional contributions from friends and acquaintances. Later… Like this:Like Loading…